Heroes Evolved (Online)

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Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved is a lightweight client based game with a heavy focus on real-time strategy and online multiplayer arena combat. Two teams face off in epic battles for supremacy. The team that can destroy the opposing base first wins! Players select from a huge roster of playable characters, each with their own unique skills and attributes. Earn gold, level up, and acquire powerful artifact items as you co-ordinate with your team, balancing defense and offense on the road to victory!

Heroes Evolved features an expansive roster of unique playable characters, each with their own distinct combat style. Have a look at the current selection, and keep an eye out for new Heroes - new Heroes are added to the list on a regular basis! Combat in Heroes Evolved takes place on designated battlefields, each map shaping the flow of battle. Familiarize yourself with each map, and uncover their strategic secrets.

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